Video: 8 Steps to Safe and Pure Isagenix ProductsVideo: Isagenix Products & SystemsHow to Maintain after You’ve Lost the WeightNew Isagenix Research Partnership with Skidmore CollegeWeight Loss After 40
Video: 8 Steps to Safe and Pure Isagenix Products
Video: Isagenix Products & Systems
How to Maintain after You’ve Lost the Weight
New Isagenix Research Partnership with Skidmore College
Weight Loss After 40

Video: 8 Steps to Safe and Pure Isagenix Products

Does your health company offer no-compromise quality? Isagenix goes above and beyond to ensure products are safe, pure, and effective—the basis of our no-compromise ingredient policy. In fact, Isagenix spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on testing of raw materials, finished goods, and third party testing each year. Here’s the process in 8 steps: 1. Scientists research and select raw materials. Partnering with John Anderson, the Scientific Advisory Board, and respected universities, Continue reading →

Spring Newsletter: Go Strong, Not Skinny

In our latest newsletter you’ll find plenty of valuable information and visuals about why skinny doesn't equate to healthy. Here’s a sneak peek on what you can expect from Isagenix Chief Science Officer Suk Cho, Ph.D.: How you look on the outside might not reflect how you look on the inside. Everyone wants to be skinny, but in no way does “skinny” equate to healthy. You might ask yourself, “Are you skinny fat or a TOFI (thin outside, fat inside)?” If you think you might Continue reading →

Video: Isagenix Products & Systems

In this product education video, members of the Isagenix Research and Science team give an educational overview of the core products, explain how they work to contribute to overall health, and provide scientific evidence to support their efficacy and safety. For more training on Isagenix products, visit the training page on and click on "Isagenix Products and Systems." Continue reading →

Long-Distance Runners Need Whey Protein

Runners who think that extra whey protein is just for strength athletes and sprinters should think again. Whey is no longer just for building muscle and strength. The reasons? Research shows that whey protein helps improve stamina and race time, speeds recovery, and may even protect the body from succumbing to a run-down immune system. Long-distance runners can be known to avoid protein supplementation. Being able to powerfully explode from the blocks or bench pressing 200 pounds is not Continue reading →