The Science Behind the Isagenix 30-Day SystemWinter Newsletter: Why Diets FailWhy Cleansing with Isagenix WorksIsagenix – The Resolution That LastsBeyond Detox: How Fasting “Cleanses” Your Cells
The Science Behind the Isagenix 30-Day System
Winter Newsletter: Why Diets Fail
Why Cleansing with Isagenix Works
Isagenix – The Resolution That Lasts
Beyond Detox: How Fasting “Cleanses” Your Cells

The Science Behind the Isagenix 30-Day System

Rewind back to 2002, and Isagenix was born out of an idea—call it a stroke of inspiration or a practical, thoughtful approach to a nutritional program—to produce a line of products like no other. An important distinction was that these products would be combined into a system involving “Shake Days” and “Cleanse Days.” The Shake Days replaced two meals a day with shakes, allowing for flexibility on a third meal. The Cleanse Days, conversely, were one or two days a week of fasting Continue reading →

Podcast: Diets Fail. Isagenix Works. Here’s Why.

Trainer: David Despain, M.Sc., Director of Science Communications Millions of people each year make the same New Year’s resolution: get healthier through dieting. Sadly, diets fail, and so this resolution’s failure rate itself is incredibly high. Though a positive and valiant decision, it unfortunately leads to calorie restriction, slower metabolism, loss of muscle, and eventually stress and sorrow. Director of Science Communications for Isagenix, David Despain joins the show to explain that Continue reading →

Shake Off The Weight

Essential to successful weight loss and weight maintenance is the adoption of day-to-day dietary strategies that promote a long-term adherence to a healthy diet. This also happens to be where most people get it wrong. A strict diet plan may be easy enough to stick to for a week or two, and it will very likely produce results. But if long-term success is the goal then a dietary strategy that supports compliance, flexibility, and good nutrition is paramount. Because if a diet system can’t Continue reading →

The Science Behind Replenish

When it comes to athletic performance, the nutritional focus tends to be before and after training. While proper preparation and recovery are critical, people tend to forget the importance of nourishing their bodies during the workout. Here are three things not to forget the next time you hit the gym. Drink Enough Water Sweating is the first sign that your body is losing water, and during a hard workout it can lead to dehydration. The loss of even 1 percent of body water can negatively Continue reading →

Winter Newsletter: Why Diets Fail

Tired of losing weight just to gain it right back? Learn all about the science behind why diets fail and what makes the Isagenix 30-Day System different from all of the rest in the Winter 2015 Newsletter. Below is a short introduction provided by Isagenix Chief Science Officer Suk Cho, Ph.D., also found on Page 2 of the newsletter: Word from the Chief  Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you—ditch the fad dieting. More than 45 million will be starting a fad diet this year that will Continue reading →