Hydration: How Much Water Do You Really Need?When Runners Struggle to Lose WeightSpring Newsletter: Stop the Spread of StressWhy Isagenix Works as Long as You Stay On The SystemMyth: Cleanse Days and Exercise Are a “No Go”
Hydration: How Much Water Do You Really Need?
When Runners Struggle to Lose Weight
Spring Newsletter: Stop the Spread of Stress
Why Isagenix Works as Long as You Stay On The System
Myth: Cleanse Days and Exercise Are a “No Go”

Summer Newsletter: Team Isagenix Edition

It's summer and prime time to get outdoors and get active. Athletes of all types need to treat their bodies right for optimal performance. In this newsletter you'll learn what proper treatment looks like. Below is a short introduction provided by Isagenix Chief Science Officer Suk Cho, Ph.D., also found on Page 2 of the newsletter (to view the PDF link, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required): Word from the Chief  I don’t know about you, but I am always interested in doing things “better.” Continue reading →

How Cleanse for Life Works

One of the unique and essential components of the scientifically validated Isagenix system is nutritional cleansing, the “star” of which is Cleanse for Life®. The antioxidant-rich botanical beverage helps support safe and effective detoxification on fat-burning Cleanse Days. But how does Cleanse for Life work? To understand how Cleanse for Life supports detoxification, Isagenix Research and Science collaborated with cell biologists at the University of Colorado to determine how the bioactive Continue reading →

Customizing Shake Days and Cleanse Days

Trainer: Sara Richter, Product Education Coordinator   Guides are made for a reason, and provide a pathway to success for many. The Isagenix guides for Shake Days and Cleanse Days achieve just that, success for a lot of people. But what about those who may need some personalization to their Isagenix system? What extra snacks can they have on Shake Days? Are there tips for getting through Cleanse Days? Listen in as Isagenix Nutritionist and Product Education Coordinator Sara Richter Continue reading →

SPF Use: Why Reapplication Matters Most

  People who use a high level of sun protection factor (SPF) tend to spend more time in the sun, but may not reapply their sunscreen as needed. The result is a higher risk of skin damage, accelerated skin aging, and a greater chance for harmful skin lesions. For example, one double-blind randomized trial studied the use of different levels of SPF protection while being out in the sun. Results showed that depending on the level of SPF protection used, proper sunscreen reapplication Continue reading →

Scale Won’t Budge? New Study Sheds Light on Why.

Have you or someone you know ever struggled to lose weight? You follow a system and all its instructions to a T, but the number on the scale is not to your liking. No doubt this is a frustrating occurrence and likely to get anyone down on their weight-loss efforts. A new study has shed some light on this conundrum, however, and it may simply be that different people respond differently to calorie restriction (1). That is, some will lose more quickly than others. For the study, scientists from Continue reading →