PrintA Little Ditty For You

SLR 2011-2012 280

Brandon Johnson, a talented lyricist and rapper, introduces you to the Isagenix science team.

Introducing the No. 1 science team with style! For your entertainment, our very own talented Isagenix staff member, Brandon Johnson, has written and recorded a special song that creatively introduces you to the role that our Quality, Regulatory, Technology, & Science (Q.R.T.S.) team plays in developing solutions to transform lives.

(Disclaimer: Song may have catchy lyrics, cause uncontrollable toe tapping, and induce embarrassing dance moves.)

Take a listen by clicking “play” below. Enjoy!

Two letters, ‘R’ and ‘D’ / number one science team / major formulations / other companies are minor leagues / proof is in the shakes / ask anybody and they might agree / if you want behind the scenes then grab someone and follow me, yea / Quality is so important but other companies you’ll find their quality imported / but in the lab of this R&D we’re locally supported / formulations and motivation / it’s science that supports us, so yeah / Let’s get ready for a change another look at R&D / who’s ’bout to change the game up / started at the bottom wit bang and now we came up / mixin’ up solutions so get ready for the future ‘cuz we done seen a lot / stress, toxins, and obesity on top of all the mess / and a lot of other companies who say that they’re the best / but if you look at the results, watch us stand above the rest / couple bottles of the cleanse to take away all the stress

That’s my science team, man, that’s my science team / put shakes up high and ya cleanse up high / and go, you know we got ’em like oh oh oh oh, alright, yeah, yeah, well alright / R&D is here to save the day / top protein so you know we lead the ‘whey’ / we’ll be here as long as there’s a need for change / so mix it up 

R&D, yea, you know we mix it up / catch Suk Cho over there to mix up / everybody mix it up / let me see you mix it up

Four shakes, two cleanse, one bottle isaflush / natural accelerator, snacks to curve my hunger up / a better way to live, my nutrition’s always number one / leave the bad habits ‘cuz my future’s only just begun / R&D solutions all over the globe / you want more, stay tuned for the next episode