Reminder: Are You Getting the Right Type of Vitamin D?

If you haven’t heard, the health benefits of Vitamin D are HUGE! Vitamin D is important not only in bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis, but also now has shown to be supportive for cellular health, cardiovascular health, endothelial function, and blood sugar management (1). Vitamin D even functions as the control of up to 1000 genes involved in cellular growth, immune  function, and protein synthesis (2). While proper vitamin D intake is important for everyone, it may be even more Continue reading →

Podcast: Do Your Joints Hurt? Don’t Put Up With It!

Trainer: Dr. Paul Anderson If your joints hurt, you need to listen to this podcast. Many Americans have a hard time imagining a life without physical discomfort. For those chronically affected, joint pain is part of life. While some cases of joint pain require more to correct the condition, small, proactive steps can give your joint the support they need. Listen to Dr. Paul Anderson explain the science behind the Isagenix® Joint and Pain Relief System and how it can provide protection Continue reading →