A 15-Minute Brisk Walk Curbs Hunger Cravings

A mere 15-minute brisk walk is enough to reduce hunger cravings significantly, a new study shows. Dieters are often concerned that exercise will cause hunger and lead to overeating and a stall in weight loss, but new research is showing just the opposite. Researcher Larissa Ledochowski and colleagues from the University of Innsbruck produced data that showed exercise such as walking reduces urges for sugary snacks and offsets urges in response to the stress in overweight people (1). The Continue reading →

Resolution Recharge: Nutritionist Sara Richter Helps You Up the Voltage on Your 2015 Goals

Trainer: Sara Richter, Nutritionist and Product Education Coordinator   In January, you were pumped up and ready to conquer 2015 by hitting every goal on your list. Now, three months later, do you feel like your batteries are running a little low? Nutritionist and Product Education Coordinator, Sara Richter joins the show to teach you how to recharge your New Year’s Resolutions and “find that same drive and mindset you started the year with.” Sara explains how you can join the Continue reading →

Hey, Why Not? Alcohol and Cleansing

Cleansing can take a lot of effort, and all that hard work to improve your health shouldn’t go unrecognized so why not reward yourself on a Cleanse Day with a deserved drink or two, or three? April Fools! Cleanse Days and pranking holidays aside, it's a reasonable and frequently asked question here at Isagenix if drinking a favorite cocktail or glass of wine is okay when embarking on an Isagenix system. And the answer is yes! It is okay. Depending on your lifestyle, religious beliefs, Continue reading →

Give Your Nutrition a Hand: Nutritionist Gillean Barkyoumb Teaches You How to Get a Grip on Portion Control

Trainer: Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RD   For many, planning the right 400-600 calorie meal that is both nutritious and within the appropriate portions is not only mentally daunting, but difficult to accomplish every day. Isagenix Nutritionist and Senior Lead Coordinator of Sales Programs, Gillean Barkyoumb joins the show to guide you through calorie counting, IsaProduct.com recipes, and using your hand, knuckles, fingers, and thumbs to take control of nutritious meals with healthy portion Continue reading →

Belly Fat Harms Muscle At The Cellular Level

A study of human adipose (fat) cells has found more evidence that visceral body fat found deep in the midsection and around the organs is worse than subcutaneous body fat found just beneath the skin. By decreasing the expression of genes related to skeletal muscle contraction, the study found that visceral fat cells were more likely than subcutaneous fat cells to contribute to muscle wasting. Published in the prestigious journal Diabetes, French researchers demonstrated that cells from Continue reading →