Slimming Teas: Does Weight Loss Tea Work?

When it comes to healthy and sustainable weight loss, it takes a system that has clinical evidence supporting its safety and effectiveness. This is not the case when people turn to the “slimming teas” that have become a popular go-to for anyone looking to slim down. The deed of drinking tea is certainly a healthy one, and may be the reason why slimming teas have picked up followers with their claims of melting fat and improving overall health. But are these weight loss teas actually working Continue reading →

Dr. Ina’s Tips for Cleansing Like a Champion

As host of the Isagenix IsaProduct Coaching Calls, clinical nutritionist Ina Nozek, DC, MS, has heard it all when it comes to Cleanse Day troubles. Product users call in for help managing Cleanse Day symptoms including everything from headaches and hunger to constipation and fatigue. With her background in nutritional cleansing and experience as a product user for many years, Dr. Ina has a wealth of knowledge about how to make cleansing an easy, even enjoyable, process. Dr. Ina recently shared Continue reading →

Isagenix Shares Preliminary Six-month Findings of Year-long Study

Isagenix has reinforced a continued commitment to investment in scientific research and providing independent clinical validation of its products by partnering with a number of universities, colleges, and independent organizations in the United States and Europe. Building on prior independent research demonstrating the clinical efficacy of Isagenix products for healthy weight loss, the company is now pleased to share findings midway through a year-long study on the products for weight loss Continue reading →

Podcast: Weight Loss 101

Have you changed up your diet only to hit a weight-loss plateau? Do you think you’re eating healthy, but can’t seem to drop pounds? Research nutritionist Katie Coles is here to help. In this podcast, gain tips on how to achieve successful, lasting weight loss, Topics discussed include: Why monitoring calorie intake is vital The importance of where your calories come from (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) How supplements, including those from Isagenix, fit into weight-loss plans Rather Continue reading →

Accelerate Your Metabolism Naturally

Googling the phrase “how to boost your metabolism” is a sure way to return a flood of hyped-up ads for the latest products claiming to “shrink your waistline in just one week” and “burn fat without exercise.” But often enough most of these products contain ingredients that are not well supported by scientific research or may not provide ingredients at levels that are effective to produce results. More concerning is the lack of safety studies related to many of these products with Continue reading →