Four Tips to Beat Food Temptations

Ever feel like your willpower to eat healthy dwindles as the day goes on? Whether it’s vending machine goodies that tempt you in the afternoon or late-night dessert cravings before bed, studies have shown there are certain times throughout the day that you’re more likely to choose unhealthy meals or snacks. By being aware of these tempting times and following four measures below to prevent over-indulgence, you’ll be able to stay committed to eating healthy throughout the day. 1. Eat Continue reading →

How to Break Through Weight-Loss Plateaus

You’re working out and eating right, but just not losing the pounds. Before turning that frustration into a junk food binge, learn what weight-loss plateaus are, why they happen, and how to avoid or break through one. Registered dietitian Gillean explains how crash dieting, stress, and lack of sleep can stall fat burning, and gives techniques to help you get back on track, including cleansing and increased protein and water consumption. Continue reading →

No Such Thing As “Magic Weight Loss Cures”

The peddling of over-the-top, unsubstantiated claims has finally caught up with celebrity doctor and host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” Mehmet Oz. The so-called “Oz Effect” has given rise to all sorts of weight-loss scams online from “green coffee beans” to “raspberry ketones.” Now the Internet is abuzz with news of the official scolding Oz received from the Senate Consumer Protection Panel for pushing these weight-loss aids. Oz was reprimanded for his “flowery language” without Continue reading →

Keep Snacking to Drop Pounds

When trying to cut back on calories and lose weight, a common tactic is to avoid snacking. But healthy snacking is an important part of any diet and can actually assist with weight loss. When hunger hits between meals, choosing the right, nutrient-dense snack can be the difference between meeting weight loss goals and failing miserably because ravenous hunger usually leads to overeating. By eating small portions of nutrient-dense foods throughout the day, you’ll easily meet weight loss goals Continue reading →

What to Have For a Third Meal on Isagenix Shake Days

Have you ever felt lost when preparing a balanced, healthy meal? What makes a meal balanced is its incorporation of all the essential components—lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. When using the Isagenix System, it’s suggested you have one meal a day and replace the other two meals with an IsaLean Shake or other Isagenix meal replacement option. To ensure you provide your body with all the nourishment it needs in 400 to 600 calories, here Continue reading →