AMPED Power: Enhancing Your Workout Without the Bloat

Research indicates a targeted dose of creatine is effective without causing bloating or weight gain.

By no means is creatine the main and only ingredient in AMPED™ Power, but it is one that causes confusion about its function in the body. Though athletes have concerns that creatine causes water retention and weight gain, the research behind creatine in AMPED Power suggests otherwise. Continue reading

Sugar Smarts: How Sugar Is Used Purposefully in Isagenix Products

There is no reason to worry about the sugar used in Isagenix products.

When you look at ingredient labels of Isagenix products, you’ll probably notice that some of them include small amounts of sugar. These might occur in different forms or a combination of forms, including dextrose, sucrose, fructose, honey, molasses, and agave syrup—the total of which never exceeds the amount of a medium-sized apple. Continue reading

Got Questions About Coffee? Isagenix Director of Science Communications David Despain has Answers.


Coffee is a funny subject. There are several myths out there claiming it’s bad for you while others claim you can drink as much of it as you want. So, what’s the truth? David Despain gives you a scientific look into coffee, its benefits, and why Isagenix Coffee is leading the way with a better option for perking up. Continue reading

Isagenix Helps You Cut Sugar With These Five Swaps

A typical American consumes almost 32 teaspoons of sugar a day.

In the U.S., the average person consumes more sugar than anywhere else in the world. According to market research firm Euromonitor, daily sugar intake is now up to 126 grams. That is almost 32 teaspoons of sugar or about 500 extra calories every day. Health experts agree that too much sugar is bad for our well-being. Scientific research points to potential links between too much sugar, especially in the form of sugary drinks, and problems like weight gain and the risk of developing heart disease (1-3). Continue reading