GMO Ingredient and Labeling Policy

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or those plants or animals genetically engineered to take on specified traits, are the subject of enduring discussion due to questions surrounding their safety, nutritional value, impact on the environment, and use for ensuring worldwide food security. Because of controversies surrounding these issues, consumers often request information regarding the use of GMO-derived ingredients in the products they consume.

Isagenix appreciates consumers’ rights to make informed dietary choices, including the knowledge of whether or not the foods they purchase and consume contain GMO ingredients. As a policy, Isagenix makes every effort to use only non-GMO or GMO-free ingredients in its products. The company diligently seeks out suppliers that adhere to their own policies for avoiding GMO crops as sources for their raw materials, including any additives or processing aids.

While Isagenix would like to include non-GMO labeling on its products, we are not doing so at this time as GMO labeling comes with considerable technical challenges: (1) lack of validated methods for required detection (of novel DNA); (2) lack of testing capabilities for pooled animal-derived ingredients; (3) lack of traceability methods or testing capability for ingredients such as derivatives (where DNA fragments have been eliminated); and (4) unclear or vague definitions and varying standards by verification organizations. Until there is a more defined and standardized methodology available, and the presence or lack of GMO raw materials can be confirmed with certainty, we will continue with our own responsible labeling practices.

In all cases of Isagenix product manufacturing, the company ensures compliance to its No-Compromise Ingredient Policy, and consumer safety remains a foremost priority. The policy is extensive and thorough, covering all details of ingredient sourcing and manufacturing guidelines according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Given our commitment to safe and sustainable sourcing, along with rigorous testing of ingredients, consumers can feel confident that the quality of Isagenix products is unsurpassed.