PrintIsagenix R&D Tells All: How to Formulate a Sinfully Delicious, Ultra-Nutritious Shake

Milk_ShakesThere has been a lot of interest in the details behind the creation of new Natural Creamy IsaLean Shakes. So, because we’re all curious, we’ve asked top team members of the Isagenix Research and Development Team, “How did the team create the shakes that taste like vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but are also good for you?”

Not surprisingly, the answer was high amount of expertise and a step-by-step method.

“The best is getting better thanks to Isagenix’s team of researchers,” says Isagenix Founder and Formulator John Anderson. “It was important to improve the nutritional content and Isagenix has taken the IsaLean Shake to the next level.”


Researching a superior nutritional profile is the integrated responsibility of the Isagenix Research and Development Department along with the Scientific and Technical Advisory Boards. Each ingredient was carefully researched for its biochemical function and support to the body.

Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dennis Harper, DO, says, “The nutritional profile of the new creamy shake has improved while still maintaining the caloric ratio that has made the shake effective from the beginning for weight management.”

The shakes contain higher-quality proteins, are lower in saturated fat and sodium, and have been designed to be easier to digest due to reduction of lactose and additional digestive enzymes.


To create an all-natural flavoring system suited for the ingredient formula, Isagenix imported an expert flavor specialist from France. VP of Product Innovation Pierre Teissier, Ph.D., is a European-trained gourmet chef and medical doctor. (When asked what it’s like to be a genius, he replies, “expert, yes; genius, certainly not.”) He sums up his job simply as, “making bad-tasting stuff taste good.”

The bad-tasting would include vitamins, minerals and botanicals (for more on Dr. Teissier’s work, see “Sensational Cleanse for Life“).

Getting the shake just right required Dr. Teissier’s team to go through plenty of trial-and-error experimentation while collecting continual feedback from consumers. He says, “Once we finally knew what we were dealing with, then we knew what we had to do. The product needed to be healthy and natural, yet a shake that could be enjoyed by anyone.”

The flavor that came out on top of all sampling and sensory analysis was a more traditional, neutral creamy vanilla and chocolate, both tasting a lot like ice cream! The testing found that these flavor profiles appealed strongly to young and old, current customers, overwhelmingly with new customers, and customers from various ethnic origins.

New shake flavors tasting like traditional vanilla and chocolate ice cream are designed to appeal to customers of all ages and backgrounds.

New shake flavors tasting like traditional vanilla and chocolate ice cream are designed to appeal to customers of all ages and backgrounds.

Samples were sent to the Scientific Advisory Board, Field Advisory Board and top Associates before a decision was made to launch. Dr. Harper says, “When I first tried mine, I immediately noticed the new creaminess and loved it.”


After formulation came time to study the shake’s effectiveness for supporting optimal health, weight management, and lean muscle mass. Never without scientific papers stacked high on her desk is Director of Nutritional Sciences Susie Rockway, Ph.D., who had been instrumental in driving research for the shakes. She explains that arranging an appropriate university-performed study was key to finding needed data, which turned out well.

“In comparison to other protein shakes and the previous shake, the new, natural creamy IsaLean Shake came out truly superior,” says Dr. Rockway. “It was no doubt the result of an excellent nutritional profile containing quality proteins high in branched-chain amino acids.” (For more information, see “Building Muscle with Whey and Casein“).

She adds, “The new shakes were also designed and found to be easier to digest and absorb providing a more positive experience for customers overall.”


Isagenix’s strict “no compromise” quality policy comes as no small task. This tall order is given to Director of Strategic Partners Grady Helms, himself towering at 6’5″, and whose entire team is devoted to achieving the monster of a project.

According to Helms, “We only use suppliers with a long track-record of providing quality ingredients from reliable and reputable sources who meet and exceed cGMP guidelines. Suppliers are audited regularly to ensure integrity of all our individual ingredients as well as finished products.”

Label claim and potency testing is the job of a team led by biochemist Isagenix Director of Regulatory Affairs Christian Roeschmann, MS. The passion that Roeschmann brings to his work is stunning, as he spends what appears to be every waking moment going through analyses and making sure that raw materials and finished products are all inspected properly to ensure efficacy and quality.

In summary, the team has been thorough in producing a shake of which Isagenix can be proud, that is a quality product, ultra-nutritious, and one that we can expect all types of customers will enjoy.