PrintIsagenix Interviews Top CoQ10 Researcher

Dr. Judy developed the patent-pending CoQ10 in Isagenix's new Ageless Actives.

Dr. Judy developed the patent-pending CoQ10 with improved absorption technology.

Dr. William Judy, also known as the “godfather of CoQ10,” has studied the compound for more than 38 years at top research institutes in the nation. One of his greatest achievements was the development of a lipid-solubilized technology to improve the absorption of CoQ10 for restoring youthful energy to cells.

This is the same technology now found in Isagenix’s just-launched product Ageless Actives™, which boasts 100mg of CoQ10 per serving.

The patent-pending CoQ10 technology was compared to a dry powder CoQ10 (most commonly found form in many supplements) in a human clinical trial measuring 36-hour peak absorption to determine the total amount of CoQ10 absorbed and a 28-day steady state human study to determine the amount of CoQ10 in the blood plasma available for use by the body’s cells. The studies found that the patent-pending CoQ10 showed a 8-fold increase in absorption, which led to a 12-fold increase in bioavailability, when compared to dry powder where only 1 percent was absorbed.

The clinically effective dose in Ageless Actives can help restore healthy levels of CoQ10 in the body, thus rapidly reversing the effects of age-related declines in CoQ10 synthesis, as well as declines produced by pharmaceutical drugs such as statins.

Within a few weeks of use of Ageless Actives, customers are likely to notice increased energy levels. The dosage supports health claims for cardiovascular health, brain health, kidney health and liver health as well as support for muscle and athletic performance. Ageless Actives can be taken with all other Isagenix products.

Quotes from Dr. Judy

Awhile back, Isagenix sought out Dr. Judy’s patent-pending technolgy and asked him to present his findings to our Scientific Advisory Board. The researcher gave a great presentation and we jotted down some “highlight quotes” from the call to share with you here.

Isagenix: Would you tell us about CoQ10?

Dr. Judy: CoQ10 is the only lipophilic (fat-soluble) antioxidant made in the body, found in all cell membranes, protects against lipid peroxidation and destruction from free radicals. CoQ10 is found in humans, CoQ9 found in plants, except for spinach and broccoli, which contain CoQ10—Popeye was right about eating spinach. CoQ10 is more powerful as an antioxidant than vitamins C, and E and it recycles vitamin C and E. It helps the body create energy to live, establishes resting membrane characteristics for cells to live and, as a major lipophilic antioxidant, has much to do with aging.

Isagenix: Why take CoQ10 as we age?

Dr. Judy: CoQ10 diminishes as we age, peaks in your early 20s, and by age 60 most of us make 50 percent lower than what we need. Those with high CoQ10 have better heart health; they are very healthy, do not get sick and often have longer lifespans than others. Those who have been supplementing with CoQ10 for several years that are now 90 look like they’re 70.

Isagenix: What is the connection to prescription drugs?

Dr. Judy: Statin drugs [and other prescription drugs] interfere with CoQ10 and cholesterol synthesis (inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase). There is a tremendous need for CoQ10 because more than 60 million people take statin drugs, which can lead to low energy levels and myopathy.

Isagenix: Is taking CoQ10 in these high amounts safe for humans?

Dr. Judy: There’s no known toxicity for CoQ10. CoQ10 has been studied in Japan for more than 40 years. There are more than 8,600 publications on CoQ10, and it is the most researched natural product in the world. CoQ10 will stimulate muscle to produce energy in mitochondria. It gives body total nutritional compliment to mend itself. It may even possibly be the key to longevity because it is the only one that lives in all cell lipid membranes in the body.

Isagenix: Why focus on high-absorption CoQ1o?

Dr. Judy: CoQ10 supplements are not highly absorbed, but in a tri-lipid base it is very stable. In our clinical trials the CoQ10 in this supplement is 800 percent more absorbable than dry powder forms that are commonly used on the market today.