Minute Myth Busting: Dietary Supplements Are Unregulated

2018-01-08T14:40:24+00:00 February 2nd, 2015|FAQ, Ingredients & Quality, Multimedia, Videos|

Are dietary supplements really safe? Is it true dietary supplements are unregulated?

People commonly believe that because dietary supplements are not subject to FDA approval like pharmaceuticals that they are unregulated and risky to use.

However, the manufacturing and marketing of dietary supplements is regulated by two government organizations: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

  • The FTC requires that claims on all food products including supplements be accurate and truthful. Claims about the benefits of the products need to be backed up with well-designed scientific studies.
  • The FDA ensures the safety of supplements by regulating what can and can’t be included in a supplement and by regulating and monitoring the manufacturing of supplements. The FDA also has a role in what can and can’t be said about the benefits of dietary supplements.

It’s the job of these organizations, as well as the Better Business Bureau, State Attorneys General, trade organizations, and watchdog groups to make certain consumers are receiving only safe and effective products that can actually provide the benefits they claim to provide.

We understand that there are some bad actors out there. Unfortunately these are also the most likely to get the media’s attention, but they are in the minority.

To do its own part in ensuring consumers only receive the safest products possible, Isagenix employs rigorous testing protocols for safety and potency. Isagenix also takes it a step further by investing in independent, third-party testing to ensure products including supplements are safe, pure, and effective.

Rest assured that dietary supplements are regulated, largely safe, and an easy way to ensure you’re getting enough essential vitamins and minerals, as well as natural bioactives, which can support a healthy diet and lifestyle.