Are You Sure You’re Getting Enough Omega-3s?

There’s a good chance you don’t know how much omega-3 fatty acids you’re getting in your diet and don’t feel like you’re getting enough for your health. Based on survey data collected by the Global Health and Nutrition Alliance (GHNA) and published in the journal Nutrition Today, 78 percent of respondents agree that omega-3 fatty acids are important for overall health. Continue reading →

Your Skin Needs UV Ray Protection, Inside and Out

When you’re out enjoying the sunshine, you probably don’t realize what’s going on deep within your skin. The ultraviolet radiation that penetrates your skin’s cells in the form of long-wave A rays and short-wave B rays is invisible to you, because they’re both shorter than visible light. However, you can eventually see the effects they manifest. Continue reading →

Reminder: Are You Getting the Right Type of Vitamin D?

If you haven’t heard, the health benefits of Vitamin D are HUGE! Vitamin D is important not only in bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis, but also now has shown to be supportive for cellular health, cardiovascular health, endothelial function, and blood sugar management (1). Vitamin D even functions as the control of up to 1000 genes involved in cellular growth, immune  function, and protein synthesis (2). While proper vitamin D intake is important for everyone, it may be even more Continue reading →

Healthy Bones for Life with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack

Over the course of our lifetimes, most of us will suffer from softer, weaker bones. Some 52 million Americans have low bone density. In addition, one out of every two women and up to one out of every four men over the age of 50 will suffer a broken bone due to fragile bones (1). But is it simply a fact of life that bones must grow more brittle with age? Or, is there a way of protecting bones well into adulthood? Scientists are finding more and more that a proactive approach with the right Continue reading →