Aging Actively

To view "The Perks of Exercising Every Day of Your Life" graphic, click the image to the left (or here). Reaching retirement age should not mean retiring your running shoes, yet it happens all too often. The thought of exercising may sound like an uphill battle for many adults, but Isagenix products can help. Plus, it could mean the difference between succumbing to reduced mobility, reduced function, and chronic health problems, or reaching and enjoying a healthy old age. One in three Continue reading →

12 Reasons Why You Need Ageless Essentials with Product B

How many days per week do you eat five fruits and vegetables? Did you consume two servings of fish last week? What about getting the vitamin D your body needs? Sure you can get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals from food, but not only is it difficult to do—for example, it would take ten tablespoons of corn oil (1,200 calories and 136 grams of fat!) or five cups of boiled spinach to meet daily recommendations for vitamin E—it’s also inconvenient and requires strict adherence Continue reading →

Visceral Fat May Shrink Your Brain

Stopping or beating the middle-age spread comes with a number of health benefits for a variety of the body’s organs—including your brain. Weight gain in middle age has long been associated with faulty memory and thinking. However, researchers have only recently found the underlying causes for these brain-related problems. What’s to blame? In two words: visceral fat—belly fat, but not the kind you can pinch; it’s the fat within the belly that bathes your internal organs. As heralded Continue reading →

Science Behind “Living Forever”

"Could people soon be living forever?" A story by Linda Carroll posted on, based on TODAY Show reporting by Michelle Kosinski, brings more attention to this captivating question and to the scientists researching all aspects approaching it, including telomere biologist Bill Andrews, Ph.D. In the story, Dr. Andrews is credited for his work in the development of a supplement that is said to help keep "telomeres from shortening with age." The supplement, created by Isagenix Founder John Continue reading →