Controlling Blood Sugar to Age Gracefully

Almost half of all Americans have blood sugar concentrations that are considered too high, with those over 60 being especially at risk (1). Uncontrolled, it could mean a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and eventual chronic disease. The reason is that too much sugar in the blood causes damage to various body systems. Especially concerning, high blood sugar stimulates production of compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGE). Because AGEs are reactive, they can directly damage important Continue reading →

Could Whey Protein Before or With Meals Help Control Blood Sugar?

One of the keys to a healthier, longer life is sustaining healthy blood sugar. Managing blood sugar is different for every person, but it doesn’t have to be difficult—in some cases, it can be as simple as consuming whey protein before or with each meal. The reason may be because whey protein stimulates the production of hormones in the gut that help to improve the efficiency of insulin needed to lower blood glucose, according to recent research published in the journal Diabetologia. In Continue reading →

Podcast: Debunking Sugar Myths

Listen in as Research Nutritionist Katie Coles debunks sugar myths and shares the facts based on science and studies. She’ll touch on low-glycemic foods and what types of sugars Isagenix uses within meal replacements, snacks, and other products. After this you may look at sugar in a whole new light. Continue reading →