Ingredient Spotlight: Turmeric and Curcumin

Also referred to as “Indian saffron” or “Indian solid gold,” turmeric is derived from the rhizome plant Curcuma longa and is immediately associated with colorful Indian and Asian curries. But did you know that turmeric is also responsible for the color of mustard as well as functioning as a clothing dye? Continue reading →

Superhero Nutrients for Your Aging Brain

Because of our aging population, research in brain health has been expansive, looking for powerhouse compounds that can put an end to cognitive decline. Isagenix Brain Boost & Renewal is on the forefront of science, providing nutrients that have been shown to support mental focus, concentration, decision making, and memory function by maintaining normal metabolic activity in the brain. This proprietary formula, created in collaboration with Michael Colgan, Ph.D., includes powerful ingredients Continue reading →