7 Myths About Omega-3s

Half a century of research has taught us that omega-3s are essential for health. Not a year has gone by without new studies finding out that more in our diets would be better to protect our hearts, our skin, our brains, our joints, and more. But as science progresses, myths have found their way into the conversation about these all-important fats. Unfortunately, some of these myths could lead people to make poor choices for their health. Because of these issues, nutritional experts and scientists Continue reading →

Too Little DHA May Shrink Your Brain

It’s normal for the human brain to get smaller with age. But too little of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) may shrink brains more quickly and cause thinking problems, research from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) suggests. This new cross-sectional study, published in the journal Neurology, has now found that lower levels of red-blood cell DHA levels are associated with smaller brain volumes, as well as vascular-related problems with learning and memory. “People Continue reading →

Fish Oil Helps Stiff Arteries Relax

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids may help stiff arteries behave more like younger blood vessels, according to a meta-analysis from Australia. Researchers from the NICM Centre for Study of Natural Medicines and Neurocognition in Australia analyzed data from 10 randomized controlled trials that measured pulse wave velocity and arterial compliance—each being a measure of the stiffness of arteries. They found omega-3s improved both significantly. "The findings of the present study reveal that Continue reading →