When to Use AMPED Nitro or AMPED Power

With the recent launch of AMPED™ Nitro, the most frequent questions are, 1) how it compares to AMPED Power and, 2) whether you should choose it over AMPED Power. As it turns out, the two preworkout products do have differences, and the right choice for you can depend on your needs. Continue reading →

Pilot Trial Finds e+ Supports Isagenix System

How will e+ affect your weight management goals? What does the science say? Is it OK to use e+ on Cleanse Days on an Isagenix system? With the new launch of e+, some of the most frequently asked questions consumers have about drinking the energy shot regularly is how it might affect their hard-earned weight loss achievements while on an Isagenix system. Fortunately, anticipating this, Isagenix conducted a pilot trial before the product’s official launch. The trial was designed to evaluate Continue reading →