How to Avoid Snacking That’s Naughty

Tips to avoid snacking that develops into a bad habit. If you’re like the average partygoer, self-control goes out the door when the holiday season comes around. Festive gatherings offer opportunities to indulge in sweet treats and enjoy traditional dishes, most of which are plentiful in calories, fat, and sugar. But who can blame you? It’s a special occasion, right? According to a new study in the journal Appetite, that’s what most people around the hors d’oeuvre table are thinking. Continue reading →

Meet the Adaptogens in Ionix Supreme

Stress affects us every day. Whether from work, finances, or relationships, stress can make us feel overworked and overloaded. But stress affects more than just our mental performance. It has real physical consequences, too, and can eventually lead to poor health and disease. Stress management methods include exercise, hobbies, or other relaxing activities such as meditation or yoga. Unfortunately, according to a 2006 survey by the American Psychological Association, many Americans are resorting Continue reading →

Life’s Stresses Got You Down? Reach for Adaptogens

When coping with stress and temporary bouts of fatigue, most Americans reach for that extra cup of coffee or energy shot to get through the day.  Others resort to alcohol, high-calorie snacks, cigarettes, or TV and the couch for an escape. But these habits are counter-productive; they can bring on disrupted sleep, withdrawal symptoms, or weight gain that eventually worsens mental and physical performance. There may be a better way: adaptogens. Swedish Herbal Institute researchers Alexander Continue reading →