When Runners Struggle to Lose Weight

One of the main reasons people start running is to lose weight. But too often for a variety of reasons they’re unable to shed the unwanted pounds. If you’re looking to make running work for you, there are a few steps you can take based on scientific research to help ensure you get results. This “runner’s conundrum,” as it’s often called, has a lot to do with the fact that runners generally overestimate how many calories they burn (1). They spend long hours and endless miles thinking Continue reading →

How Endurance Athletes Can Minimize Muscle Loss

Many people who consider training for a triathlon, ironman, or other long distance event are hesitant to commit for fear of losing hard-earned muscle. If you are one of these people, fortunately there’s good news. Incorporating heavy lifting into an endurance training regimen along with a diet high in protein may help athletes reduce unwanted muscle loss (1). Why traditional endurance training can cause muscle loss The idea that endurance-style training will cause muscle wasting is not Continue reading →

Fueling the Perfect Race

Training for a marathon or triathlon takes dedication. It requires hours of hitting the pavement, pushing through ailments, and intense mental concentration. Proper nutrition can also be the difference between participating and actually competing in a race—and with so much of yourself invested in your goal, it’s a training component you can’t afford to ignore. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, an endurance athlete is one who trains and competes for 90 minutes or longer. Continue reading →

Setting the Stage for Muscle

So you’re drinking delicious IsaLean® Pro Shakes every morning and at lunch, snacking on Whey ThinsTM between meals, and eating a balanced meal that emphasizes lean portions of protein at dinner—all excellent for maximizing the maintenance of your body’s muscle, especially while losing weight. But no matter how hard you might wish it were true, you can’t just eat and drink whey protein every day and expect to make serious muscle gains. That takes getting off the couch and into Continue reading →