Stay Fit Well into Your 60s

Gaining weight while losing strength is too often a consequence of getting older. A regular gym routine can help you stay in shape, but even consistent core exercises may not be enough to prevent inevitable muscle weakness and belly-fat gains.

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How Much Vitamin D Should You Take in Winter Months?

It’s that time of year again when temperatures have dropped to their lowest, and it is likely your vitamin D levels have, too. When the sun’s rays enter the Earth’s atmosphere at too much of an angle as happens during the winter season, UVB rays are blocked off, and your skin can’t produce vitamin D without them.

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Stretching Your Age

Flexibility is what helps you perform daily tasks with ease. It’s also one of the greatest determinants of quality of life as you age, yet stretching is one of the most neglected components of fitness. Regular stretching in combination with staying active can help you prevent deterioration of strength and mobility that comes with age.

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Aging Actively

To view "The Perks of Exercising Every Day of Your Life" graphic, click the image to the left (or here). Reaching retirement age should not mean retiring your running shoes, yet it happens all too [...]

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