Shake Your Sodium Habit With Isagenix

Your body needs sodium. It’s a mineral that is essential for normal nerve and muscle function. Sodium is also critical for helping your body regulate fluid balance. However, despite the important role sodium plays in supporting health, it is one of the top three dietary components we should limit according to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Continue reading →

Citrus Bioflavonoids: The Perfect Complement to C-Lyte

When it comes to antioxidant protection, variety is key. Vitamin C along with vitamins E and A are essential antioxidant vitamins, but there are also several other kinds of antioxidants such as flavonoids (or bioflavonoids) found in plants including from citrus sources. Citrus fruits are unique because of the variety of antioxidants they supply to combat the harmful effects of oxidative stress—which is why Isagenix C-Lyte® (currently only available as part of Ageless Essentials Daily Pack) now Continue reading →

Do You Know How Stiff Your Arteries Are?

To improve cardiovascular health, health professionals often recommend making key dietary and lifestyle changes: healthy weight management, receiving optimal nutrition, getting quality amounts of sleep, managing stress, exercising regularly, and, of course, avoiding smoking. Lately, the Isagenix Research and Science team has been evaluating an important and exciting technology to demonstrate the heart-healthy benefits of Isagenix systems. This technology works by measuring what’s known as Continue reading →

How Isagenix Beats 2014’s Best Diets

For the fourth year in a row, U.S. News and World Report’s panel of experts has identified the DASH eating plan as the “best overall diet”—outranking TLC, Mediterranean, and others. Their reasons were that the DASH eating plan is easy to follow, nutritious, safe, effective for weight loss, and for assisting in protecting against diabetes and heart disease. What’s the DASH eating plan? Praised for being one of the most nutritionally complete and heart-healthy diets, the DASH eating Continue reading →

Multivitamins Are One Piece of the Puzzle

Whenever you see news reports or editorials published with over-the-top headlines disapproving of taking a daily multivitamin—which is an intuitively harmless and healthy habit—you can surely wager that these articles present only one side of the story. The origin of the latest in exaggerated reports questioning the use of multivitamins is an editorial with a headline that is fittingly described as "sensationalist, headline-grabbing" in the current issue of Annals of Internal Medicine Continue reading →