How Isagenix Got Ahead of the Cleansing Curve

When Isagenix was first founded in 2002, the company identified the practice of intermittent fasting as a key method for achieving substantial health benefits. Isagenix developed its own version of intermittent fasting through “Cleanse Days,” featuring Cleanse For Life, an antioxidant and botanical-rich beverage developed to support the body’s own detoxification mechanisms. These Cleanse Days were also paired with quality, science-based nutrition and calorie restriction comprising “Shake Days.” Continue reading →

Cleansing Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

While weight loss is an evidence-supported benefit of intermittent fasting, it’s not the only one. New research shows that regularly engaging in intermittent fasting (or Cleanse Days) can significantly improve cognition and possibly support brain health as we age—all the more reason why Cleanse Days should be thought of as lifelong habits rather than used as a short-term solution. The recent study was conducted by researchers at Kaiser Permanente Colorado and reported at Obesity Week—a Continue reading →

Spring Cleanse Your Way to Swimsuit Season and Better Health

It's that time of year where many people are sprucing up their home or wardrobe, but it's also the perfect time to spruce up your health and body by cleansing with Isagenix. More than just a way to get your body toned for swimsuit season, cleansing with Isagenix offers a surefire way to recharge, gain energy, and improve your overall health. Depending on the type of Isagenix system you're embarking on, Cleanse Days will involve one or two days a week, or every other week, where you’ll abstain Continue reading →

Eating Fewer Calories on Isagenix for a Longer Life

Followers of an Isagenix system complete with Shake Days and Cleanse Days can look forward to possibilities of lifelong health—because of reduced bodyweight, muscle maintenance, and optimal nutrition—and perhaps even a longer life from consistently eating fewer calories. Since the 1930s when Cornell University researcher Clive McCay reported that a reduction in calories (without undernutrition) extended mammalian lifespan, hundreds of subsequent studies conducted found it could extend Continue reading →