The Reasons to Love Chocolate

It’s that time of year again! There’s no denying the love in the air and the massive amounts of chocolate about to be given. But instead of mindless noshing of chocolate bars and delectable goodies that come in heart-shaped boxes, let’s remember the real reason why chocolate is so good – it’s actually good for us! Chocolate is no stranger to science, and studies showing chocolate health benefits including both the heart and brain. This is partly due to the cocoa in chocolate, which Continue reading →

Chocolate is Unfailingly Good for Your Heart

A box of chocolates this Valentine's Day may be key for a long-lasting, healthy relationship... and heart, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study pooled data from 42 randomized controlled trials that included 1,297 subjects and found consistent short- and long-term cardiovascular benefits from intake of chocolate, cocoa, or cocoa flavanols—the antioxidant components of chocolate. Chocolate eating was associated Continue reading →

Choosing the Right Chocolate for Heart, Brain Health

By now you might have heard the great news: chocolate is unmistakably good for you. And chocoholics are certain to rejoice with the findings of a systematic review in the British Medical Journal (1) that suggests enjoying chocolate daily may bring better health to their hearts. Chocolate's benefits are mainly the result of cocoa powder's rich content of antioxidant flavanols. But here's a caution—don't let the media attention fool you into gorging on the wrong kind of chocolate! While Continue reading →