Ingredient Spotlight: Green Tea

As ancient as Chinese silk, tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, next to water. Modern science confirms green tea polyphenols have a myriad of positive effects in cardiovascular health, overall health, and as a support for a healthy weight and oral health. Continue reading →

How Much Caffeine is in Isagenix Products?

Some folks can’t start their day without a morning cup of coffee, while other folks prefer to avoid caffeine altogether. Certainly, the decision to consume caffeine is a personal choice, but whatever your preference, it’s a good idea to know how caffeine works in the body, and which Isagenix products contain caffeine. Continue reading →

Why You Can Still Lose Weight With Chocolate and Coffee

While it sounds too good to be true, research continues to suggest coffee and chocolate can be useful weight-management tools. Yes, you read that right! Two of your (and arguably everyone’s) most craved and beloved foods might actually be able to help you lose a few pounds—if you work them into your diet the right way. Continue reading →

More to IsaDelight than Just Its Delicious Taste

IsaDelight is everyone’s favorite chocolate treat and the perfect tool for Cleanse Days, but there’s more to IsaDelight than just its delicious taste. Formulator Dr. Paul Anderson joins the podcast to share how IsaDelight was created, its ability to curb cravings, and many more factoids that will have you ordering several boxes by the end of the show. Continue reading →

Chocolate For Your Sweetheart

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day for celebrating with your honey, and it’s time again to talk about chocolate. Why not let your inner chocoholic indulge a little? After all, it is estimated that 36 million boxes of chocolates will be shared with loved ones all over the country today. But included in many of those coveted heart-shaped boxes are hefty amounts of sugar and fat, contributing calories that won’t spare the waistlines of those who consume them without restraint. How about, this Continue reading →