How to Make the Tastiest IsaLean Soup

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing like a warm and savory bowl of soup. But too often soups come with an overload of calories, fat, and sodium, while also lacking in quality protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Rotating IsaLean Soups, which have the same nutrient profile as IsaLean Shakes, into your Isagenix system can be key to getting the right “fool-proof” nutrition to keep you going on track to achieving your New Year’s goals. However, as Isagenix food scientists Continue reading →

New! Butternut Squash IsaLean Soup

Trainer: Nutrition Communications Specialist Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RD Introducing the NEW Butternut Squash IsaLean Soup—just in time for fall and the winter months! Packed with the same balanced nutritional profile as our IsaLean Shake, this soup is delicious and adds variety to our meal replacement options. TRT – 18:34   Continue reading →

Feeling Sluggish? Power Up With Protein

We all know the feeling of an afternoon crash: eyes struggling to stay open, concentration drifting to thoughts of snuggling up in bed, and overall energy zapped. Sugar (glucose) may be the body's main fuel for energy, but now a new study suggests that protein should be what we eat at lunch to help us stay awake and burn calories for the rest of the afternoon. University of Cambridge researchers compared the effects of different nutrients on neurons in mouse brains. Wakefulness and calorie Continue reading →

B Vitamins May Help to Keep the Brain Fit

"Brain fitness" can be described as doing any number of things that help the mind stay active and keep a mental edge throughout life. There's been a lot of focus on activities that keep the mind busy, such as crossword or Soduko puzzles, and now even some video games are specifically designed to stimulate our brains. But the focus also needs to be on sound nutrition, and according to a new clinical study, daily supplementation with B vitamins may also help slow down the age-related mental decline Continue reading →

Lose Stubborn Fat with More Whey from Dairy

Does the phrase "weight-loss plateau" ring a bell? If you've ever embarked on a weight-loss journey, it more than likely does. And now there's good news for you—results from a just-published study show that losing more belly fat and gaining more muscle is easier by eating more protein from dairy. The researchers credit the results to the whey protein fraction of the milk. The study, published in the September issue of the Journal of Nutrition, followed 90 overweight or obese women (aged Continue reading →