Podcast: Introducing the New Product B IsaGenesis

Trainers: John Anderson, Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator, and Dr. Bill Andrews, Sierra Sciences Founder, President, and CEO   Think of healthy aging in terms of keeping your shoelaces from unraveling. Just like those plastic pieces ensure laces stay intact, telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of cells’ chromosomes, which protect DNA from damage. For three years, Isagenix has provided users with telomere support in the form of Product B. We’re thrilled to announce Continue reading →

New, Third-Generation Product B

The release of Product B™ Antioxidants plus Telomere Support launched Isagenix into the scientific world's growing quest to combat aging from the inside out. It's been more than a year and thousands worldwide have already begun to feel and show the benefits of taking Product B—increased energy, improved fitness, and a general feeling of youthfulness and vigor. "The changes are both visible and invisible, but the biggest is that I've lost all semblance of age. If it weren’t for my driver's Continue reading →

Telomerase Stimulation Extends Lifespan in Mice

In a landmark study demonstrating "proof of principle" of the feasibility and safety of "slowing or turning back the clock,” Spanish researchers gave aged mice a single treatment to stimulate genetic expression of telomerase that extended health and lifespan by up to 24 percent. These new results serve as yet more validation of research performed by Isagenix Founder John Anderson in partnership with molecular biologist Bill Andrews, Ph.D., on inducing the expression of telomerase in humans Continue reading →

Fusing Aging Theories: Telomere Shortening Leads to Mitochondrial Dysfunction

New research is adding insight and linking three theories of aging—one that suggests telomere shortening governs lifespan, and two others that suggest dysfunctional mitochondria or oxidative stress leads to aging. At Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, scientists have gathered data suggesting telomere shortening is the cause of mitochondrial dysfunction and diminished antioxidant defenses. Together, they decrease the body's energy and diminish organ function, both characteristic Continue reading →

Study Boosts Validity of Aging Research by John Anderson & Dr. Bill Andrews

A new study on mice published in Nature has added validation to aging research that is being performed by Bill Andrews, Ph.D., who has partnered with Isagenix Founder John Anderson to "turn back the clock" on aging. Their approach is to screen thousands of natural product compounds a week to turn on the enzyme, telomerase, in cells to protect telomere length and reverse its loss. Telomeres are protective sequences of repetitive non-coding DNA segments found at the end of chromosomes. Continue reading →