AMPED Products for Young Athletes

Training and skill are important in whatever sport your children play, but eating right on game day is their secret weapon for keeping their favorite sports safe and fun. That's why they need a nutritional game plan. Parents know that eating well increases energy, endurance, and the ability to concentrate, both on and off the field. Make sure your kids are getting the proper nutrition they need before, during, and after their practice or game. Continue reading →

Too Many Kids Are Overweight or Obese and YOU Can Do Something About It

It’s National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the United States. Isagenix Director of Science Communications David Despain, M.Sc., explains how weight and obesity are really measured for our kids. “The growing number of children considered overweight or obese since 1970 is staggering,” says David, “and it’s unfortunate because we know what we’re supposed to do to turn this around.” Continue reading →

Why Parents Should Add Isagenix Products to Kids’ School Lunch

Any loving parent wants the best for their children, and for many that includes packing a lunch and snacks from home for school. But two new studies question if parents are packing the healthiest lunches and snacks possible, as studies suggest that in comparison, most school-made lunches and snacks are actually healthier. In one study, researchers from Virginia Tech University looked at the nutritional components of more than 1,000 lunches from three elementary schools and compared those made Continue reading →

Are Isagenix Products Appropriate for Children?

  By Andrea Frank Henkart, M.A., Certified Nutritional Counselor Most parents agree that everything in moderation is best when it comes to our kids, especially when it comes to food. With vending machines filled with junk food and soda, lollipops given as a reward at the doctor’s office, and over 17,000 new processed foods introduced yearly (1)—many of which are sold at kid’s eye level—at what moment does moderation become excess? When you cut through all the mass marketing Continue reading →

Yes, Isagenix Can Help Kids Stay Slim

Children are overeating, but not eating enough fruits and vegetables. These are the trends that recent studies show are putting our kids' healthy futures at risk. Getting a child's diet back on track with nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods (and not the ultra-tempting "junk foods") can be difficult, as any parent will tell you. Luckily, Isagenix makes encouraging healthy food choices easier. First, let's review the stats: a study published in 2010 in the Journal of the American Medical Association Continue reading →