Study Finds Isagenix Products Improve Men’s Athletic Performance

A new study has found that when physically fit men used Isagenix products to boost their protein intake and improve their nutrition when training, they significantly enhanced their muscular power, strength, aerobic performance, and flexibility. Continue reading →

Men’s Health

Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member Dennis Harper, D.O Does having a Y-chromosome put you at a higher risk for central obesity and heart disease? Learn from Dr. Harper why Isagenix products are important to guard your health and wellness, especially if you’re male. [podcast][/podcast] Continue reading →

Simple Steps to Men’s Health

This week is the perfect time to turn your attention to the men in your life. Men's health is a popular theme this month, both because Father's Day is right around the corner, and because June is dedicated to heightening awareness of improving health and preventing disease in young and elderly men. A nationally sponsored initiative, Men's Health Week reflects a coordinated effort to tackle serious health concerns that plague the male population. The Center for Disease Control reported that Continue reading →