Isagenix for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms

There’s never a better time to start improving your eating habits than when you are planning a pregnancy, already pregnant, or breastfeeding. Good nutrition is important for your baby, and it’s best for both mom and dad to have a healthy, nutritious diet before deciding to start a family. The choices you make and what you eat every day that you are pregnant have a profound influence on positive fetal and maternal outcomes. Continue reading →

Podcast: Using Isagenix While Pregnant or Nursing

Andrea Frank Henkart has two teaching credentials from UCLA and a Master’s degree in Family Psychology. She has more than 35 years of experience as a Certified Holistic Health Educator and Certified Nutritional Counselor. In this podcast, Andrea lets listeners in on what Isagenix products are safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding, and which ones to avoid. Learn about: •    How Isagenix affects expecting and nursing mothers •    Why cleansing is not recommended •    Continue reading →