What Are “Natural Flavors”?

Contrary to what some people may think, use of the term “natural flavors” on nutrition labels is not a deceitful tactic by food manufacturers to hide harmful or unappealing flavoring agents. As any avid label reader knows, navigating ingredient lists these days can be quite a challenge. It seems that one might have to be a chemist to actually know the meaning of some of the words on the nutrition label, let alone their purpose. It’s common to see “natural” or “artificial flavors” Continue reading →

Vitamins: Natural Versus Synthetic

Over the years, health-conscious consumers have heard a plethora of marketing claims on multivitamin supplement labels regarding the source of their vitamins. Most are intended to denote a kind of relative closeness to what’s normally found in food; for example, "whole food sourced," "food state," "food based," "bioidentical," and even "all natural." Upon taking a closer look, however, these claims that hint of nutritional superiority are misleading or based on little scientific evidence. Clearly, Continue reading →

Best Times to Take Isagenix Products

We often receive questions about when to take Isagenix products like Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator and Ionix Supreme. These products are quite unique and knowing the facts can give you the greatest advantage.  Cleanse for Life Although still beneficial if taken with meals, the ingredients in Cleanse for Life are best taken on an empty stomach. This allows the botanicals and nutrients to work more effectively to support natural detoxification. Taking 1-2 oz. in the morning is great because Continue reading →