Top Ten Isagenix Health Stories of 2014

Another year has passed, and here at Isagenix Health it’s been a year of new science, new nutritional products, and new ways to educate consumers about our products. From customization to tips on positioning the products to different groups, here are the top ten health stories of 2014 that were most popular, most influential, or should just be read before the year comes to a close: 1. What to Have For a Third Meal on Isagenix Shake Days Isagenix Shakes Days provide a structured plan Continue reading →

Breaking Down Why IsaLean Shake is Best

Any auto mechanic would recognize that the best cars in the world—a Lamborghini, for instance—are indeed the best because they’re made with the highest-quality craftsmanship and parts. Likewise, an experienced health professional recognizes that the quality of a meal replacement shake can depend a lot on the quality of its individual ingredients and design. “Why wouldn’t you choose the Lamborghini of meal replacement shakes?” asks Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Continue reading →

Talking to Doctors and Other Health Professionals about Isagenix

Talking to friends and family about the effectiveness of Isagenix systems and products comes naturally for most people. But when it comes to speaking with doctors and other health professionals about Isagenix, some people may be hesitant or unclear on what to say. To help offer some tips for speaking to doctors and other health professionals, there was no better person than Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Nick Messina who presented at the Science Talks, part of the 2014 Isagenix Continue reading →

Health Panel Reflects on Obesity as a Disease

If you were at the Isagenix 2013 Celebration held in Las Vegas last month, then you may have been present for the Health Professional panel involving Chief Science Advisor, Suk Cho, Ph.D., and esteemed doctors and scientists who use Isagenix and recommend the products to their patients. Dr. Cho and the panelists offered some great discussion on various health topics, one being the American Medical Association's recent decision to define obesity as a disease. Dr. Messina, a board certified Continue reading →

Health Effects of Caffeine: Experts On Caffeine and e+ Natural Energy Shot

Nearly 80 percent of adults consume some kind of caffeinated beverage daily—many of which are high in sugar, calories, and artificial ingredients. With the launch of e+, Isagenix provides you with a healthy and safe option to get the energy you need to start your day, avoid an afternoon crash, or kick-start a workout. Isagenix Chief Science Officer Suk Cho, Ph.D., asked some of the most pressing questions about e+ and the health effects of caffeine to a panel of respected health professionals Continue reading →