Nutrition for Gains in Strength and Power

While speed and lightening-fast reaction time matter, improving strength and power is the ultimate goal of athletes, as well as those who want to build more muscle. Many athletes find themselves slaving away in the gym, on the field, and at the track, only to fall short of their goals. Even the best training plan can fail without the right nutrition. Along with a well-planned training regimen, knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to supplement with Isagenix is key in creating a winning Continue reading →

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition with Isagenix

Trainer: Research Nutritionist Katie Coles, MS, RD, CPT The pre- and post-workout windows are critical periods where optimal nutrition can be used to maximize exercise gains. Learn how to best use Isagenix products to prepare your body for the workout ahead and to maximize muscle gain and recovery. Continue reading →

Muscle Up with the “Protein Window”

You’ve just finished pushing yourself beyond your limits at the gym. It’s that euphoric time when you celebrate your victory over the voice inside your head that tempted you to abort mission on working out in the first place. You welcome the screaming after-burn from your decimated muscle because it represents one thing: change to your body that is sure to come, change for the better. But what if nutritional science offered you a way to take your hard-fought training to the max? Call it a Continue reading →