Not All Processed Foods Are Alike

Avoid processed foods. It’s one of the most unchallenged dietary recommendations for anyone trying to lose weight or gain health. The advice is not without good reason, of course. Numerous highly palatable, packaged foods line our supermarket shelves and now account for over 70 percent of calories eaten in the United States. Most of those calories come in the form of refined sugars and solid fats (not to mention copious quantities of salt). At the same time, these foods are negligent Continue reading →

How to Help an Overweight Child

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and serves to raise awareness about the unfortunate epidemic that childhood obesity really is. In the United States alone, one in three children is overweight or obese, and that number isn’t exclusive to the U.S.—the World Health Organization reported in 2010 there were more than 42 million overweight children under the age of 5. Once overweight or obesity is reached in childhood, it’s likely carried over into adulthood, and Continue reading →

Processed Food: What Makes Isagenix Different

A food revolution is starting across America. It’s one where consumers are no longer purchasing any kind of food-like stuff that comes in a box, a bag, or a wrapper in an act of defiance against the culture created by the food industry; with its seemingly endless products that drive us to overeat, gain weight, and from which we derive little nutrition. Replacing these hyper-palatable, overly processed foods is a new food trend epitomized in a few words from the acclaimed food writer Michael Continue reading →

Keep Snacking to Drop Pounds

When trying to cut back on calories and lose weight, a common tactic is to avoid snacking. But healthy snacking is an important part of any diet and can actually assist with weight loss. When hunger hits between meals, choosing the right, nutrient-dense snack can be the difference between meeting weight loss goals and failing miserably because ravenous hunger usually leads to overeating. By eating small portions of nutrient-dense foods throughout the day, you’ll easily meet weight loss goals Continue reading →

Overweight Teens Who Eat Lots of Salty Foods Age Faster

When a slice of pizza or a burrito contains more than a day’s supply worth of sodium, it’s easy to see how growing teens can get too much. Their ravenous appetites often leave home freezers and pantries empty of these common packaged foods on a weekly basis. Now a new study is finding that, when paired with obesity, these salty food-eating teens might be speeding up the shortening of telomeres, which is a marker of cellular aging. The findings were presented as an abstract at the American Continue reading →