Not Just for Muscle Building: Count the Reasons You Should Take Creatine

Wondering whether creatine is right for you? You might consider reviewing its ever-lengthening list of benefits. It’s not just for building muscle and strength anymore. Creatine first grew in popularity among power and strength athletes, and for good reason. Continue reading →

Fueling the Perfect Race

Training for a marathon or triathlon takes dedication. It requires hours of hitting the pavement, pushing through ailments, and intense mental concentration. Proper nutrition can also be the difference between participating and actually competing in a race—and with so much of yourself invested in your goal, it’s a training component you can’t afford to ignore. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, an endurance athlete is one who trains and competes for 90 minutes or longer. Continue reading →

The Right Sports Drink for Exercise

With its blend of energy-supporting vitamins and minerals, Want More Energy?® can benefit anyone—the young, the weekend warrior, and the athletic—as an excellent during- or post-workout supplement to replenish nutrients in active bodies. Now according to a recent study (1) from researchers at the Nestle Research Institute in Switzerland, and published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, sports drinks like Want More Energy? that contain fructose may be better at Continue reading →