Exercise Keeps Skin Healthy and Young

Besides the use of scientifically sound skin care with the Isagenix Rejuvity® Skincare System, new research is proving exercise is also a powerful adjunct to the health of your skin. Just published in the journal Aging Cell, researchers from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada found exercise to be a potent therapy for halting skin aging (1). The mechanism behind the beneficial effects of exercise on skin health appears to a specific type of signaling protein called Interleukin 15 or IL-15 Continue reading →

How to Avoid Dry, Aging Skin This Fall

When temperatures plummet so can the natural moisture in your skin. The result is dehydrated, itchy skin that’s more vulnerable to environmental stressors and at greater risk of cumulative damage. A plan to protect healthy skin from chilly weather is conveniently available in the form of the Rejuvity® Skincare System. The system goes beyond keeping the skin hydrated by providing other seasonal safeguards like sun and pollution protection. Cold, dry air, wintry winds, and indoor heating Continue reading →

Lisa DeMayo’s Top 5 Skincare Tips

Lisa DeMayo’s glowing skin has many people asking her, “What skincare do you use?” A previous top 20-income earner for a leading skincare company, she knows the beauty market well and has tried numerous creams, serums, and cleansers. But there isn’t any confusion over what skincare products she holds as the gold standard. “The Isagenix Rejuvity® skincare system is like no other skincare system out there—it’s free of harmful chemicals, contains ingredients supported by science, Continue reading →

Four Summer Skin Care Tips

Longer days and warmer temperatures are a welcome change after one of the coldest winters on record. While it’s a change you’re probably looking forward to, your skin may not feel the same way. For one, summer in most places means sun, and unless you plan on staying indoors or covering every inch of skin, you need to protect yourself from UV rays. Warmer temperatures also mean increased sweating, which can lead to overproduction of oil and blemishes. Others many experience dry, scaly skin Continue reading →

How to Get Glowing Skin from Within

From expensive creams to painful procedures, many are willing to go to extremes to get youthful-looking skin. But what if the answer wasn't in a bottle or tube? When it comes to making skin glow, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. As you might’ve guessed, a healthy, balanced diet is key for giving skin that healthy shine. There are also certain nutrients that stand out for optimum glowing effects: Beta-carotene: Beta-carotene is a colorful plant pigment Continue reading →