Phytonutrients: Are You Getting Yours?

We all know that eating our fruits and vegetables is good for us. They supply needed vitamins, minerals, and fiber and are usually low in calories. But another way that fruits and vegetables benefit our health is through phytonutrients. Continue reading →

Three Supplements Every Athlete Needs

You train right, eat right, and rest right for your athletic endeavors, but what are the right supplements to take your performance to the next level? While research has revealed that multiple nutrients are beneficial for athletes, there are three that stand out from the crowd—all of which are in Ageless Actives. Vitamin D, resveratrol, and co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) are compounds that serve more than one purpose in the body. As the name implies, these three bioactives benefit overall health Continue reading →

The 411 on IsaOmega and Ageless Actives

Trainer: Research Scientist Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D. Nutrition plays a major role in keeping your ticker ticking. Listen in as Dr. Eric discusses two key products that significantly contribute to heart health as well as overall healthy aging: IsaOmega Supreme and Ageless Actives. TRT – 28:06 Play Podcast Continue reading →

Resveratrol Boosts Strength and Endurance in Rats

Athletic performance may be gained by reaching for resveratrol, according to the results of a new study. The potent polyphenol found in nuts, grape skins, and red wine improved exercise performance in rats by 21 percent. Already known to better oxygen delivery to the muscles and benefit cardiovascular health (two hallmarks of aerobic activity) when paired with exercise, this new research found that resveratrol supplementation also enhanced strength, metabolism, heart function, and exercise Continue reading →