Shake Your Sodium Habit With Isagenix

Your body needs sodium. It’s a mineral that is essential for normal nerve and muscle function. Sodium is also critical for helping your body regulate fluid balance. However, despite the important role sodium plays in supporting health, it is one of the top three dietary components we should limit according to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Continue reading →

5 Ways To Get Over ‘Salt Sugar Fat’

The "processed-food-industrial complex" has most of us hooked on junk food and convinces us to eat more of it, more often, every year. How? With advanced technology, big food companies calculate the "bliss point" of sugar or salt and perfect the "mouthfeel" of fat to introduce endless varieties of new products designed to be irresistible. Then, they use powerful tactics to market it to sell it to us, and our children. Michael Moss, investigative reporter for The New York Times and author Continue reading →

Sodium: How much sodium should you have a day?

By now you've probably seen the news headlines and heard the statistics: One in three adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure, or nearly 75 million people ages 20 and older. The Institute of Medicine has urged for implementation of strategies to cut sodium in foods nationwide to help prevent an estimated 100,000 deaths from heart disease annually. In addition, Time reports that a collaborative study between University of California, University of San Francisco, Stanford  University and Columbia Continue reading →