What Happens to Your Body When You Hit a Weight-Loss Plateau?

You’ve been making great headway toward your weight-loss goals. Everything is going smoothly until your progress unexpectedly slows down and then comes to a halt. As far as you can tell, you’re still doing everything right. You’re sticking to all the healthy lifestyle changes that helped you make it this far toward reaching your goals, but it feels like nothing is working anymore. Continue reading →

WEIGHT a Minute! I Shouldn’t Stand on the Scale Every Day?

Nutrition Communication Specialist II Lindsay Gnant explains that the scale is only a measurement of your weight, not your overall body composition. “There is more to look at when it comes to measuring your results, because you could be carrying extra water weight, which many scales won’t be able to distinguish,” Lindsay says. Continue reading →

Scale Won’t Budge? New Study Sheds Light on Why.

Have you or someone you know ever struggled to lose weight? You follow a system and all its instructions to a T, but the number on the scale is not to your liking. No doubt this is a frustrating occurrence and likely to get anyone down on their weight-loss efforts. A new study has shed some light on this conundrum, however, and it may simply be that different people respond differently to calorie restriction (1). That is, some will lose more quickly than others. For the study, scientists from Continue reading →

Should You Weigh Yourself Daily? Considering Both Sides of the Scale

Studies on whether to weigh yourself daily or not come down for and against. Here it comes, the dreaded scale discussion. And, believe it or not, it’s not going to be that bad. To start, scales are not meant, in any way, to be scary or to haunt you. Nor should they rule your life or make you feel bad about yourself. But, they can offer an approximate measurement of your body mass. And given there are two sides to the scale, we will take a scientific look at both. We’ll guide you in deciding Continue reading →