Controlling Blood Sugar to Age Gracefully

Almost half of all Americans have blood sugar concentrations that are considered too high, with those over 60 being especially at risk (1). Uncontrolled, it could mean a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and eventual chronic disease. The reason is that too much sugar in the blood causes damage to various body systems. Especially concerning, high blood sugar stimulates production of compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGE). Because AGEs are reactive, they can directly damage important Continue reading →

Beware Ingredient Scare Mongering

Sometimes companies resort to frightening people about other companies’ products just to sell their own. Usually the way these tricks are played out is by focusing on single ingredients suggesting  they may be harmful in some way, often by presenting them in a manner out of context with how they are consumed. As a company growing around the world, Isagenix is no stranger to these types of negative campaigns. But rarely are the statements made by these other companies accurate or truthful. Continue reading →

Breaking Down Why IsaLean Shake is Best

Any auto mechanic would recognize that the best cars in the world—a Lamborghini, for instance—are indeed the best because they’re made with the highest-quality craftsmanship and parts. Likewise, an experienced health professional recognizes that the quality of a meal replacement shake can depend a lot on the quality of its individual ingredients and design. “Why wouldn’t you choose the Lamborghini of meal replacement shakes?” asks Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Continue reading →

The Dangerous Fat You May Not Know You Have and Why Cleansing Can Help Reduce It

Imagine for a moment that you have x-ray vision and can see through skin viewing the insides of the people around you. Yes, we understand that’s a little gross, but bear with us. With x-ray vision, you could see people’s hearts, blood circulating through arteries, and the intricate strands of fibrous proteins making up the muscles in these folks. You’d also see people’s liver, gall bladders and intestines. And finally, you’d see a hidden type of fat- visceral fat- which has accumulated Continue reading →

How Isagenix Beats 2014’s Best Diets

For the fourth year in a row, U.S. News and World Report’s panel of experts has identified the DASH eating plan as the “best overall diet”—outranking TLC, Mediterranean, and others. Their reasons were that the DASH eating plan is easy to follow, nutritious, safe, effective for weight loss, and for assisting in protecting against diabetes and heart disease. What’s the DASH eating plan? Praised for being one of the most nutritionally complete and heart-healthy diets, the DASH eating Continue reading →