Are Your Telomeres Tired?

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together,” said the 17th-century writer Thomas Dekker. We all know that adequate and sufficient sleep is key to good health. But did you know that too little sleep or poor sleep quality can make you age faster? Chronic lack of sleep is associated with a myriad of health conditions including obesity, depression, and asthma. So what is considered poor sleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, seven to nine hours of quality Continue reading →

More than a Safe Sleep Aid: Melatonin Every Night Could Save Your Brain

Sleep is a more active process than you may think. It’s a time for the brain—as well as the rest of the body—to repair, grow, and develop. Sleep disturbances can lead to poor sleep quality and ultimately accelerated aging of your organs, including the brain. With one in three Americans suffering from sleep related problems, many people are supplementing with melatonin—a hormone naturally produced by the tiny pineal gland in the brain to induce and sustain sleep—to get that much-needed Continue reading →

Sleep Your Way to Smart

What’s the best way to boost your brain power? More and more evidence is pointing to quality sleep as the number one way to improve cognitive health. Sleep helps facilitate five essential functions directly related to brain fitness including memory consolidation, organ repair, brain development, muscle growth and repair, and neurogenesis, which is the growth of new brain cells known as neurons (1-5). By getting enough quality sleep, your brain is able to perform optimally—increasing Continue reading →