5 Hacks to Help You Get Your Best Sleep Ever

Quality sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. After just one night of tossing and turning, you soon realize how the lack of quality sleep can affect just about every area of your life—including your mood, job performance, relationships, and even success in weight-loss or maintenance goals. Continue reading →

Could Melatonin Help Women Build More Muscle and Burn More Fat?

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain and because it helps modulate sleep quality, it’s frequently used as a dietary supplement to lessen abnormal sleep patterns (1). However, a recent study suggests that melatonin may also assist in supporting weight management and muscle gain (2). Continue reading →

Are You Making Sleep A Priority?

Optimal performance and body composition depend on both how long and how well you sleep every night. Consistently missing just one hour of sleep can disrupt metabolism, increase body fat, and blunt important hormones involved in recovery (1-3). In a study from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, researchers found that not getting a good night’s sleep reduces the amount of fat you burn in a day by over 50 percent (1). In this study, subjects had their sleep interpreted by using Continue reading →

How to Use the Bedtime Belly Buster

In 2013, the Bedtime Belly Buster, or BBB, took the Isagenix world by storm. An Isagenix Associate-inspired creation, the BBB developed as a convenient way to release stubborn belly fat. Now, we’ve created an easy, step-by-step guide for how the BBB works and how to use it. Officially, the BBB now consists of core components: IsaPro®, Sleep Support & Renewal™ spray, and Isagenix Fruits™ or Isagenix Greens™. Depending on your goals, complementary products such as IsaOmega™, FiberPro™ (mixed Continue reading →

More than a Safe Sleep Aid: Melatonin Every Night Could Save Your Brain

Sleep is a more active process than you may think. It’s a time for the brain—as well as the rest of the body—to recover, grow, and develop. Sleep disturbances can lead to poor sleep quality and ultimately accelerated aging of your organs, including the brain. With one in three Americans suffering from sleep related problems, many people are supplementing with melatonin—a hormone naturally produced by the tiny pineal gland in the brain to induce and sustain sleep—to get that much-needed Continue reading →