Fight Back Against Muscle Loss

Beginning around age 30, we begin to lose muscle and gain body fat every year. Specifically, age-related muscle loss occurs at an average rate of three to five percent per decade between the ages of 30 and 60 and accelerates significantly after age 60. This is a serious concern since abnormally low muscle mass, know as sarcopenia, is linked to loss of strength and mobility, culminating in unhealthy aging and frailty. Continue reading →

Fish Oil Adds Muscle Strength in Older Women

The benefits of strength training are widely known, but now it looks like a strength training regimen supplemented with fish oil may be even better. Findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that people who consume a daily supplement containing 2 grams of fish oil in combination with strength training experience improved muscle function. The study, reported to be the first of its kind, shows the combined benefits of fish oil and strength training on muscle function Continue reading →

Are You Losing Muscle As You Age?

Aging is characterized by a decline in muscle mass, or sarcopenia, that nearly doubles at ages 60 and on because of a gradual, accelerating decrease in basal metabolic rate and energy levels combined with increased weakness and frailty. These outcomes only lead to less physical activity creating further reductions in lean body mass replaced by fat mass. Statistics show that within the next few decades the population of people ages 60 and older is expected to nearly double. Because sarcopenia Continue reading →