Podcast: The Facts on Sugar in Isagenix Products

One of the most commonly asked questions received by the Isagenix Research and Science team is about the presence of sugar in Isagenix products. In this call, David Despain, MS, CFS, Director of Science Communications, breaks down misconceptions regarding sugar and explains why a little sugar is OK in nutrient-rich products. Continue reading →

What Are Net Carbs?

Different types of carbohydrates in foods can affect the body in different ways. Net carbs reflect the amount of carbohydrates in a food that are likely to have an impact on blood glucose levels and can be a useful tool for athletes or anyone with specific nutritional goals. Continue reading →

Sugar Explained: Learn the Essentials of This Ingredient

Don’t be afraid of sugar—be smart about it. David Despain, M.Sc., Director of Science Communications explains how our bodies use sugar and the benefits it provides. David discusses the types of sugar you’ll find in Isagenix nutrient-dense, low-glycemic products. Learn how small amounts of sugar benefit daily functioning and athletic performance, and how using an Isagenix System can greatly optimize your daily sugar intake. Continue reading →