Resisting Workplace ‘Food Altars’—Look to the Water Cooler

For busy professionals, the simple act of walking down an office corridor or into a break room can cause damage to any healthy eating plan. There runs the risk of passing by a “food altar,” which appear to materialize out of nowhere, offering goodies—usually in the form of cookies, birthday cake, or leftover bagels and doughnuts from executive meetings—in a seemingly deliberate attempt to sabotage your weight-loss goals. Continue reading →

Four Tips to Beat Food Temptations

Ever feel like your willpower to eat healthy dwindles as the day goes on? Whether it’s vending machine goodies that tempt you in the afternoon or late-night dessert cravings before bed, studies have shown there are certain times throughout the day that you’re more likely to choose unhealthy meals or snacks. By being aware of these tempting times and following four measures below to prevent over-indulgence, you’ll be able to stay committed to eating healthy throughout the day. 1. Eat Continue reading →