Podcast: Explaining the Isagenix No-Compromise Policy

You should care about what you’re putting into your body. Rest assured Isagenix does, too. We have a dedicated team of research and development specialists who ensure our products are supported by evidence-based research and meet strict quality assurance standards for purity, potency, and safety. Listen in as Isagenix Senior Quality Assurance Manager Svetlana Walsh explains what makes up the Isagenix no-compromise policy including how Isagenix selects raw materials, identifies sustainable Continue reading →

Video: 8 Steps to Safe and Pure Isagenix Products

Does your health company offer no-compromise quality? Isagenix goes above and beyond to ensure products are safe, pure, and effective—the basis of our no-compromise ingredient policy. In fact, Isagenix spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on testing of raw materials, finished goods, and third-party testing each year. Here’s the process in 8 steps: 1. Scientists research and select raw materials. Partnering with John Anderson, the Scientific Advisory Board, and respected universities, Continue reading →

Isagenix Quality Assurance Doesn’t Cut Corners

To view our "No Compromise" Quality Assurance visual, click the picture to the left or here. As it should be, your safety is our first priority at Isagenix. Having safe, effective, "no compromise" products means giving no slack when it comes to selecting and testing raw materials, following the appropriate regulatory guidelines, and verifying that the finished products meet purity and composition standards. The Isagenix "No Compromise" Quality Policy is extensive and thorough, covering Continue reading →