Plant-based Nutritional Cleansing with Isagenix

Our 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System® is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight using a long-term, flexible program. Now that Isagenix offers more dairy-free options, the benefits of the 30-Day System are available to even more people. Continue reading →

Introducing Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Shake

When John Anderson chose to design a dairy-free, plant-based version of a meal-replacement shake, the Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator would only settle for components that were worthy enough to bear the "IsaLean" name. The Natural Berry Harvest Shake is a marvel—by any shake's standards, plant-based or not—for the careful attention paid to its excellent nutritional profile: Your body's needs for protein are met with a total of 22 grams of protein from hemp and pea, which together Continue reading →

Does Isagenix Use Vegetarian Rennet? Answer: Yes

During milk or cheese production, rennet (composed mainly of an enzyme, rennin) is often used to facilitate coagulation of causing a separation of curds and whey. Traditionally, rennet is animal-derived, extracted from the stomachs of calves. Calves produce rennet to help digest their mothers' milk proteins. However, non-animal rennet (plant- or microbial-derived) has widely replaced animal rennet in response to increasing demands of groups with certain dietary restrictions. Isagenix respects Continue reading →