Women: Are You Getting Enough of These Key Nutrients?

Good nutrition is important for everybody, but it plays a unique role in supporting women’s health. Unfortunately, many women are at risk of falling short on key nutrients for protecting long-term health, especially nutrients that support strong bones and a healthy heart. Continue reading →

For Older Women, Vitamin D3 Supplementation Helps Build Muscle Strength

One of the hard facts of aging is that with every decade of life starting around age 30, muscle mass begins to decrease. If not remedied with good nutrition and regular exercise, this loss of both muscle mass and muscle function may eventually lead to frailty. However, a new study has revealed that vitamin D3 can assist aging women in fighting to retain muscle. Continue reading →

Vitamin D and Preservation of Telomere length

Vitamin D supplementation has been rising in popularity because of its well-established role for supporting stronger bones, a healthy immune system, and heart health (1-3). Recently, researchers from the London School of Medicine have also found that vitamin D  may help mediate the immune system and assist in supporting leukocyte (white blood cell) telomere length.  The study (1), published in 2007 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, comes at a time of widespread vitamin Continue reading →