PrintWhat Dietary Supplements Should You Avoid?

When choosing supplements, the focus should be on safety and quality.

When choosing supplements, the focus should be on safety and quality.

A new article appearing in Consumer Reports magazine has compiled a list of a dozen ingredients commonly found in dietary supplements with “possible dangers” of side effects that include low blood pressure, heart-rhythm disorders, heart attacks, liver damage, kidney damage, cancer, or death.

As yet another confirmation of Isagenix’s commitment to the safety of its customers and the quality of its products, not one of the “dangerous ingredients” appearing in the report are found in any Isagenix products, nor does the company expect to use any of these ingredients in the future.

Consumer Reports lists 12  dietary supplements to avoid
Bitter Orange
Colloidal Silver
Country Mallow
Greater Celandine

The company requires that the integrity of all Isagenix products is maintained through a “no compromise” safety and quality policy. All ingredients are thoroughly evaluated before they are used in Isagenix products.

Further, there are high-standard evaluation methods to determine the safety of each ingredient. All raw ingredient materials are evaluated thoroughly with rigorous tests to establish identity (a process called “fingerprinting”), purity, strength and composition before being approved for manufacture into Isagenix products. Every ingredient is tested for possible traces of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial activity.

 The company also takes an “extra mile” step with a Finished Product Safety verification process from independent contract laboratories. Samples are tested regularly for consistency in meeting label claims and safety.

 Once again, Isagenix prides itself in being a company that stands apart in the marketplace by standing behind the safety and quality of each of its products. The end-result is a superior line of products that promote health and  bring real results for customer health.