You Have Ample Power to Guard Your Health

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With the right knowledge, untapped genetic power and potential awaits

by Michael Colgan, Ph.D

The Human Genome Project occupied thousands of scientists worldwide for two decades before they completed the translation of our DNA code in 2003 (1). Since then, advances in molecular biology have clearly shown that much of human genetic potential remains untapped, still waiting in vain for the right knowledge to release it. Everyone who reads this owns magnificent, almost incalculable, genetic power.

I have trained many athletes who did not show great talent when they began, but who diligently applied our training and nutrition strategies until they became world champions. I watched their genetic potential blossom beyond their wildest dreams. If you can obtain the right knowledge to express the blueprints in your genes, it is likely that you too can become a champion at anything you really want to do.

To convince you that this potential awaits, I will use only one example. Archeologists document the first written language in the Indus civilization 5,500 years ago in what is now Pakistan (2). But complex symbolic cave drawings, notably at Chauvet in France, date back 35 thousand years. So the genetic potential for humanity to learn and use written language (the representation of events by written symbols) was present, but unexpressed, much earlier. It was likely present since the first tool-making Homo sapiens appeared about 170 thousand years ago, with a brain as large and as complex as ours today (3).

Despite this genetic potential, even only one thousand years ago, less than 1 percent of the population of Europe could read, although reading was highly prized. Almost all the other 99 percent had the genetic potential to read and write, but lacked the right knowledge to express the ability residing in their genes. 

Today, in 2012, the WHO reports that more than 700 million people in the world are illiterate (4). Almost all these people will remain illiterate lifelong, even though they know that learning to read would hugely benefit their lives, even though many of them yearn to learn. But they will never receive the right knowledge and will live and die without ever experiencing the joys of expanding their thought with literacy.

Literacy gave us all the mathematics, all the physics, all the science, that we used to create our human culture out of a planet that was just rocks and plants. We are using that literacy now to give you all the science of nutrition, health and aging. We will give you that science freely as it happens. But you should jealously guard the knowledge you get from Isagenix. Share it with grace and favor, but only with those you find worthy of your trust.

Why? Because everything you know you learned from someone else. Even the expressions on our faces, the way we hold our heads, are culture bound. Were you born into a different culture, you would speak a different language, have different beliefs, eat different foods, follow different customs, and worship different gods. Yet they would be as real to you as every belief you now hold most dear.

Our whole consciousness is a construction built, bit by tiny bit, from what we have learned from others. So be careful what you take in because that becomes what you know. Do not dilute the science you get from Isagenix with Internet or media babble, or uninformed alternative views. Words are pretty, petty icons, used equally for truth or folly.

Personally qualify every professional you deal with before you let their words into your consciousness. Examine your doctors carefully before you ever let them examine you. There are many overweight doctors for example, but no overweight good doctors. If they cannot control this eminently controllable disease risk in their own physiology, they do not know enough to look after your health. If your dentist had bad teeth, would you want them to look after yours? If your contractor’s own house is tumbledown, would you let them build yours? Accept only those who walk their talk.

There are many people who pontificate on nutrition, exercise, and aging science, as if these were simple matters, and not as complicated as picking stocks or designing computer chips. On the contrary, your body is the most complex and difficult matter in the universe that we know, beside which the whole stock market is laughable simplicity, and the latest iPhone quaint and cumbrous. For your health, only the best of science has any chance of success.

Once lost, health is the most difficult thing you will ever try to regain in your life, much more difficult than lost finances, property, or friends. Yet, because of freedom of choice, anyone can say anything on the Internet and in the media about health, and many are paid handsomely for doing so. Health is the biggest business in the Western world. And allowing media tomfoolery into your mind builds your own beliefs about health in ways you would never accept about your choice of kitchen appliances.

Especially examine anyone who presents you with negative views, or negative emotions, not only about your health but about every aspect of your life. Realize that they are as surely a product of their experience as you are a product of yours. Ask yourself, “Do I want to become physically and mentally a bit more like this person? Do I want to adopt a bit of their consciousness into myself?” If not, then no matter if their wall is papered with degrees, no matter if they hold high positions, no matter if they drip with fine adornments, waste not one fraction of your time with them.

Hold every person and every fact you accept about your health to an extreme standard. Accept only what you have verified personally, again and again. That includes me. All I can tell you is that nothing influences me except the advancement of science. If you ever find me wanting, walk away.

Even with the best of science, life is still far too short. Your most precious possession is time, the measure of your life. Spend your time wisely on learning, love, and laughter, midst those who live the same. Grow to forgive everyone and everything. You have ample power to do so built into your genes. Hold onto your hats. Isagenix is just getting into its stride.

About Dr. Colgan

Dr. Michael Colgan is a world-renowned research scientist, leading expert in the inhibition of aging, and a member of the Isagenix Science Advisory Board. Dr. Colgan has provided nutrition, training and anti-aging programs to more than 11,000 athletes, including many Olympians. He is director of his eponymous Colgan Institute, a consulting, educational and research facility concerned with the effects of nutrition and exercise on athletic performance, along with prevention of chronic degenerative disease, and prevention of degeneration of the brain.

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