Packed with 36 grams of quality protein, IsaLean® PRO Shake is unrivaled in quality and taste and is now available in new Strawberry Cream Flavor. Haven’t tried it yet? Here are five reasons we think it should be your go-to source for whey protein:

  1. Source. Our whey protein is sourced exclusively from small dairy farms that are “Cheerful Cow Certified,” or sourced from cows that are never treated with hormones or routine antibiotics. The cows are milked according to season and subsist on pastures, never in controlled animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The whey protein sourced for IsaLean PRO Shake is principally from New Zealand, although Isagenix has also expanded to using suppliers with standards of the same quality in Australia and the United States.
  2. Production. Whey is principally extracted from milk by several methods. Common methods include using acids, salts, or heat that can denature the protein. Denaturation involves numerous breakdowns and unfolding of the protein structure, negatively affecting the native peptides (1, 2). We use a different method. The fresh milk is guided through a series of fine filters under low heat to separate whey from other dairy components such as fats and lactose. The gentle system uses no acids, and the protein remains in its natural, undenatured state with the protein folds left as they should be. The result is the highest-quality whey protein with superior nutritional benefits and flavor.
  3. Quality of Manufacturing. Through extensive testing at the raw material stage and as part of our Finished Product Verification program, we ensure that the undenatured whey protein in IsaLean PRO Shake is evaluated thoroughly. Under our no-compromise Ingredient Policy, IsaLean PRO Shake comes with the assurance of true cleanliness and is clean of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and adulterants. Safety and efficacy are our highest priorities, and IsaLean PRO Shake is a safe, clean, complete meal replacement with 36 grams of protein and a superior amino acid profile.
  4. Scientific Design. Whey protein has demonstrated real effects for promoting satiety, fat burning, and muscle growth in scientific studies. IsaLean PRO Shake is a specialized meal replacement with a higher-protein and lower-carbohydrate design compared to IsaLean Shake. It is ideal for athletes looking for a superior product to support muscle recovery and growth, for those seeking a higher-satiety upgrade to help with weight loss, and for older adults wanting to protect against age-related muscle loss.
  5. More Benefits. A higher-protein diet containing whey protein during calorie restriction is shown to assist with retaining muscle during weight loss, and can help lead to better regulation of appetite than carbohydrates or fat (4, 5). The extra whey in IsaLean PRO Shake also gives it a higher concentration of branched-chain amino acids including leucine, which is considered the primary signal in stimulating muscle synthesis (6-8).

Not just a protein shake, IsaLean PRO Shake is an ideal meal replacement. With a higher protein profile and a balanced blend of carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins, and minerals, the product can be used to assist in healthy weight management and muscle maintenance. It can also help satisfy hunger, provide energy, and maximize benefits from whey protein.


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