The AMPED™ product line (AMPED stands for: amplify, muscle, performance, energy, and delivery) is much more than a few meager sports supplements. It’s a comprehensive performance system that covers you nutritionally from the moment you begin your workout to the moment you begin the recovery process. With the new additions of AMPED NOx taken pre-workout, AMPED Fuel taken mid-workout, and AMPED Recover taken post-workout, you can begin each workout armed with high-quality nutrition for top performance.


The pre-workout period is all about preparing the body with readily available energy, supporting blood flow, and enhancing focus. AMPED Power, our first AMPED product, addresses each one of these issues with its specialized mix of ingredients. One of our newly released products, AMPED NOx, offers the support to athletes that few pre-workout products can.

AMPED NOx is a convenient source of vegetable-derived nitrates and fruit polyphenols that can be taken before training to boost stamina.+ Success in the gym depends heavily on how much oxygen is delivered to muscles and how much waste is removed from them. To provide muscles with oxygen requires an adequate blood supply. However, when you exercise intensely or for long periods of time, the supply of oxygen-rich blood can’t keep up with demand. Ultimately, a lack of oxygen and a buildup of waste results in fatigue, exhaustion, and subpar athletic performance.

AMPED NOx works uniquely in this period of fatigue and low oxygen. The vegetable-sourced nitrates are molecules that lead to nitric oxide production while supporting blood circulation. Specifically, research shows that nitrates improve athletic performance by improving oxygen use by increasing power output and by reducing exhaustion in runners (1-3). Fruit juice-sourced polyphenols function as antioxidants and support blood flow by assisting in the conversion of nitrate to nitric oxide (4-6). AMPED NOx is able to keep performance high during the most demanding workouts.


During your workout you may need an extra energy boost, especially during long runs or bike rides. New AMPED Fuel taken during training provides you with immediate energy, reduces fatigue and muscle breakdown, and promotes faster muscle recovery following training. When exercising for long periods, you burn through carbohydrates stored in muscle and sugar in the blood. Eventually, after you become exhausted and performance suffers, you hit a wall. Simultaneously, as energy stores decline, the body begins to steal proteins from muscle to use as energy. AMPED Fuel supplies the body with a natural dose of carbohydrate energy in an optimal ratio from apple, agave, and molasses along with branched-chain amino acids to halt muscle breakdown.+ AMPED Fuel sustains energy and keeps you performing at a high level.


After a demanding workout, you need to consume the right nutrients to promote recovery in the post-workout period. AMPED Recover is formulated for this period to stimulate muscle synthesis, prevent muscle loss, and speed exercise recovery. Following an intense training session, your body moves toward a state of muscle protein breakdown (7-8). AMPED Recover triggers the cellular mechanisms for rebuilding these proteins in muscle (8).+ By pairing AMPED Recover with IsaPro® or IsaLean® PRO Shake after workouts, your body will activate protein synthesis more easily and receive the supply of building blocks for the muscle growth process. The result is faster recovery so you are able to move on to your next workout more rapidly.

How to Use AMPED

Each AMPED product is designed for a specific time frame—before, during, or after your workout. While you can pick and choose which products to use for your training, using the system as a whole will yield the best results. Here are a few things to consider before using the AMPED product line.

  • Although AMPED NOx is recommended as a pre-workout, it can be taken at any time. The most important factor is consistent, daily use.
  • AMPED Power is designed as a pre-workout supplement that should be taken daily (and for those who want, even on non-workout days based on research on creatine and brain health), up to two times per day.
  • AMPED Hydrate* (formerly Replenish) can be taken at any time–before, during, and after a workout–for optimal hydration with added electrolytes and vitamins.
  • AMPED Fuel is designed to be taken during your workout to sustain energy, protect muscles from breakdown, and support endurance. It’s a great product to be taken mid-workout during endurance training or as needed at intervals between intense bouts of training.
  • AMPED Recover is designed to be taken after workouts for accelerated recovery and to support the muscle-rebuilding process.

Because consistent, daily use is what matters most with AMPED Power and AMPED NOx, these two products should be taken even on days you’re not working out. The use of AMPED Hydrate, AMPED Fuel, and AMPED Recover can also be used within your general dietary regimen as preferred.

Don’t Forget e+ Shot, IsaLean Pro, and IsaPro

Love your e+™ shot before workouts? Keep using it as it provides different benefits than both NOx and AMPED Power. e+ benefits mental focus and physical performance through naturally sourced caffeine and plant-based Adaptogens. All three products and their respective components are scientifically supported to improve performance when taken before a workout.

In addition, the combination of AMPED Recover with IsaPro® or IsaLean Pro will enhance the benefit of each when taken after a workout by helping your body hit the upper threshold of muscle protein synthesis.

Study on AMPED Fuel and Recover

As part of an in-house subjective evaluation through a survey questionnaire, Isagenix scientists found that subjects who used AMPED Fuel and AMPED Recover products reported less fatigue and greater energy levels from workouts. The intervention study included 43 subjects who self-identified as “serious athletes.” All used AMPED Recover and 36 used a combination of AMPED Fuel and AMPED Recover as part of their normal workout routines.

The subjects each received a month’s supply of product for their use. After 30 days, all subjects reported their results through an online link where they completed a comprehensive survey. The survey included extensive sensory analysis responses related to taste, texture, and sweetness. In addition, it included questions asking subjects to rate their level of soreness after exercise, alertness, recovery time, and level of focus.

From the data, a total of 86 percent of the respondents who used AMPED Recover reported significantly less soreness, a slight majority of 53 percent reported greater energy levels, and 79 percent of the subjects reported that recovery time significantly improved. Among the subjects who used a combination of AMPED Fuel and AMPED recover, 71 percent reported less fatigue and 68 percent reported greater energy levels, with a minority reporting improvements in either alertness, recovery, or focus.

The results of this study demonstrate the efficacy of using evidence-based products backed by scientific research in nutrient timing in sports nutrition. Isagenix AMPED products are set to take athletes to the next level in sports performance.

You can learn about the AMPED performance products and nutritional timing in one easy-to-share graphic—the AMPED Products Guide (Who Can Use It and When). It covers the different user personas and suggested products for the ideal routine, and you can find it on (also below). – See more at:

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Nitrosigine® is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC and is patent protected.

*We are in the process of re-branding Replenish into AMPED Hydrate. Same great formula, now part of the AMPED line. Look out for the new AMPED Hydrate packaging in 2016.

+ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.