Isagenix products must meet rigorous standards of safety and quality.

Isagenix products must meet rigorous standards of safety and quality.

An article in the July issue of Consumer Reports magazine has raised concerns regarding traces of heavy metals in protein drinks, which has led to questions about the quality and safety of our IsaLean Shake products.

You can rest assured that Isagenix delivers on its promise to consumers to maintain a “no compromise” quality policy with a strong safety-monitoring program for all our products. Our safety-monitoring program includes microbial, pesticides, and heavy metals testing.

The Isagenix Quality Assurance Department requires testing for heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury in all raw materials before they are used in manufacturing.

If any raw material fails to meet specifications for heavy metals it is promptly rejected by our Quality Assurance Department. Besides initial inspection of raw materials, Isagenix takes an “extra mile” step with Finished Product Safety verification through independent contract laboratories. This verification process sets a high standard for ensuring the quality of our products and providing safety to consumers.

Isagenix specifications for heavy metals in finished products are adapted from Health Canada Natural Health Product Department “Evidence for Quality of Finished Natural Health Products.” The Health Canada guidelines are more stringent in nature than U.S. Pharmacopeia and World Health Organization provisional intakes of foods.

A review of our testing on multiple lots of IsaLean Shake flavors (Rich Chocolate, French Vanilla, Natural Creamy Chocolate, Natural Creamy Vanilla) all showed that the trace levels of heavy metals in these products are well below daily limits and meet Health Canada specifications. Additionally, our review shows that amounts are still below Health Canada limits per day when consumers enjoy two or three servings daily.*

Our process for continual inspection of raw materials and analysis of finished products is an expensive enterprise. Because of the high cost, similar standards are often avoided by other dietary supplement companies. At Isagenix we believe that meeting and exceeding safety guidelines is absolutely necessary as integrity and the health of our customers, friends, and family is paramount.

*Note: Because protein requirements may vary depending on health status, please consult a healthcare professional to determine individual protein needs. For more information about how our shakes can support muscle maintenance, weight management and athletic goals, please see “Are You Losing Muscle as You Age?” or “Three Steps for Optimum Sports Performance.”