Few things make the holidays more stressful than having to battle the masses while traveling to visit loved ones. This holiday season, we want you to be prepared so that your trip won’t derail your weight-loss and health goals for the new year.

To give yourself a head start, take a look at these tips before you embark on your travels.

DON’T get stuck eating at the airport food court.               

When traveling, it’s easy to get stuck with low-quality food options if you don’t plan ahead. Because choices can be limited when away from home, recent research suggests that eating habits while traveling often lead to a diet higher in calories from sugar, fat and salt, while being short on fiber, protein, and other nutrients that could lead to cardiovascular health problems in the long-term (1).

So you won’t have to settle for whatever is at the terminal, Isagenix makes eating on the road easy with the convenience of IsaLean® Bars. IsaLean Bars help travelers stay on track when on the road, or even after you’ve reached your destination.

DO your body a favor with stress-fighting Adaptogens.

Adaptogens can help your body with managing the impact of extra stress (2, 3). That can not only make your travels more enjoyable, but also help you stay on track with your health goals.

Managing stress is important in more ways than you might guess for protecting your health. On the outside, added stress can make you look frazzled. But on the inside, elevated levels of the stress hormones make you more susceptible to overeating and weight gain that can harm your body over time (4-6).

Give your body a head start in stress management by stocking up on Adaptogens before you leave. The blend of Adaptogenic botanical ingredients found in e+™ and Ionix® Supreme can help your body reduce and resist the effects of stress.

DON’T let yourself get behind on sleep.

Changing time zones, tiring flights, and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can all contribute to low-quality sleep. Not getting the recommended hours might seem like a necessary sacrifice, but studies suggest that inadequate sleep can disrupt metabolism and make you more susceptible to increases in body fat (7).

To ensure you’re getting the recommended eight to 10 hours per night, it’s smart to pack a melatonin-based sleep aid like Sleep Support & Renewal™. The blend of ingredients will help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. This addition to your travel gear can save you from exhaustion and support your plan for outsmarting holiday weight gain.

DO build up your immune system before, during, and after you travel.

There’s likely no worse time for your immune system to let you down than while traveling to see loved ones. To keep your immune system defenses on guard while you travel, Isagenix Isamune® with Zinc contains ingredients that work together to support your immune system’s fight against foreign invaders.

By keeping your body nourished and well-rested, your stress levels under control, and your immune system prepared, you can travel with confidence this holiday season and come home ready to take on the new year.


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